The unique visitor experience your guests expect and the app Operations will love.

Traction Guest provides visitors with a welcoming sign-in experience and includes features like host notifications, badge printing and more. But where it really differentiates itself is through the attention to delivering enterprise grade security, unmatched workflow and branding customizability and an admin console that can be managed by one administrator for all locations worldwide. And let’s not forget about superior integrations to cloud platforms like DocuSign and Salesforce.

Traction Guest is a cloud-based office sign-in application that connects visitors and hosts instantly and easily with arrival notifications, visitor badging and picture taking functionality. With Traction Guest, receptionists and administrators can easily create custom and unique sign-in experiences based on who the guests are and their reasons for visiting.

Traction Guest leverages DocuSign for enhanced security functionality, providing companies the option to capture NDA signature during check-in. To deliver the right data to the right people and places at the right times, Traction Guest integrates with the systems companies use most, like Salesforce, Active Directory, Slack and Google Drive.

While presenting your visitors with a unique and branded sign in experience, Guest ultimately helps companies better understand who their visitors are, how often they’re visiting and at which locations.

Installed and configured in minutes, Traction Guest can be rolled out to all locations worldwide by one administrator using one application.  

Key Features

DocuSign Integration – DocuSign’s e-signature functionality provides companies with the option to capture visitor’s signature on a NDA or confidential document.
Interface Customizability – Using the experience editor, administrators can easily modify visitor’s sign-in experience based on who they are and why they’re in the office (different experiences for vendors, prospects, candidates, family, etc.). The interface can also be modified to match a company’s brand guidelines.
Integrations – Traction Guest can be integrated with your CRM, Active Directory (for automating the load-in of employee directories into Guest), internal messaging app and more to connect the right people with the right data. Specific integrations include Salesforce, Active Directory, Google Drive, DocuSign and Slack.
Visitor Badge Printing – Integrated with badge printers, visitors are instantly provided a badge that includes their name, their host’s name and reason for visiting, supporting enhanced security and guest identification.
Host Notifications – Hosts are alerted of a visitor’s arrival through notifications delivered through email or Slack’s collaboration platform. 


Traction Guest - Facts & Figures

Got Questions?

Email - Customer Support

Phone - (604) 620-6040 

Compatibility / Version Information

Operates on Apple iPads – no other tablet devices supported for running the application
Use of Google Chrome recommended as browser for backend administration (not required)

Customer Testimonial

“We see Traction Guest being a key example of a disruptive application that can do more for clients with DocuSign integrated. Leveraging DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform not only enhances a visitor’s experience but also provides trust around the interaction. We are excited to use Traction Guest in the front reception of all of our offices globally.” – Glen Griffin, VP of Business Development - DocuSign

About the partner 

Traction on Demand is Canada’s largest dedicated and most trusted implementation partner with more than 2000 projects on the platform. Traction develops innovative cloud-based technology solutions and applications for North America’s largest and most influential brands as well as hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses. In 2015, Traction was recognized as the 11th fastest growing technology company in Canada on the Deloitte Fast Technology 50 list and 89th on the Fast Technology 500 for North America. Traction’s standalone applications include Traction Hierarchies, Traction Complete and Traction Guest.

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