Tiger Eye ‘Send and Sign’: The DocuSign integration for iManage

Send and Sign - the DocuSign integration for iManage – enables e-signing to be carried out from within clients’ well known iManage DMS Workspaces, with no need to switch between applications.

Seamlessly integrating DocuSign with iManage, Send and Sign launches DocuSign with a single right click action, allowing DocuSign documents to be sent out via DocuSign, with signed documents automatically returned to the document management system and stored as new versions, keeping database stores compliant, up-to-date and easy to manage.

Send and Sign helps users to:

  • Work faster and more efficiently with their iManage contracts and forms, by avoiding the need to download DocuSign documents and re-upload to iManage
  • Stay secure, by ensuring all documents are stored in the centralised DMS
  • Avoid documents leaving the DMS to be signed, which can lead to security breaches and compliance issues
  • Reduce their paper usage, without the need for training in new systems
  • Take advantage of all of the benefits of the DocuSign solutions without leaving their familiar iManage interface

Key Features

  • Seamless electronic signatures with a single right click action.
  • Increase efficiency by having all signed documents automatically saved back into iManage as a new version or new document when signing is completed by all parties.
  • Providing paperless signature approvals, skipping the process of “print-sign-scan”


Click here to watch Send and Sign in action: https://www.tigereyeconsulting.com/send-and-sign-docusign-integration-for-imanage-demo-video/

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Tiger Eye’s Send and Sign tool is part of their collection of TEC Tools for iManage.

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