The Project System® - Docusign® Interface

Electronically sing Proposals and Contracts with The Project System® - Docusign® Interface


Dove Net has done a brilliant job of streamlining the tedious process of managing the sending documents out for signing including first signature, second signature and even third signatures and then sending everyone a copy of the completed documents. This includes setting the priority or order of signatures to be taken. The integration also the ability to have several pre-assigned template documents with various signature configurations and the ability to capture standard fields, signature, Dates, and custom fields. The signature capture capability use a DocuSign capability call Auto Field an so the documents can be various lengths and still be filled in correctly.

The User uses our quoting tool, The Project System® and generates a quote. Then, when ready, the user selects the Print Option, select the various configurations of the quote, and instead selecting Email, the user selects the DocuSign® Option. After pressing Next, the user selects the Pre-Configured Template which specifies the Quote Format, the different signature(s) that will be required. Then the user presses the Send Button. Before actually sending the DocuSign PDF out, the user has to option to edit the PDF to make any last-minute edits.
From there, normally email takes over and the different recipients start receiving email messages to sign and counter sign.
1) It should be noted that prior to doing the quote, email address will have been entered at the customer level and proposal level which is then forwarded on to the DocuSign System.
2) The Pre-Configured Templates are used to link up the Dove Net Interface and the DocuSign Web interface when the Template are created.

Key Features

  • Quote and Contracts to Signatures in Seconds
  • Minimal User interface using our DocuSign Interface
  • Pre-Configured Templates which coordinates signatures
  • Common and Special Field Capability
  • Auto Field Capability allowing for various length Documents


Dove Net, The Project System, Print Option, Select DocuSign Option
Dove Net, The Project System, DocuSign Interface
Docusign Demo

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