Teslar Software provides portfolio management tools for community financial institutions that aggregate and automate lending and deposit operations processes into a single system, enabling institutions to scale and improve all aspects of the bank. This SaaS solution with over 20 modules boosts efficiencies by providing easy access to centralized, relevant information to balance portfolios, optimize profits and help community bankers more efficiently serve their customers and better understand their needs. Please visit http://www.teslarsoftware.com to learn more.

How It Works

A dynamically generated Paycheck Protection Program forgiveness application.
Teslar PPP Forgiveness provides an automated workflow to efficiently collect and manage the documents required to work towards forgiveness of PPP loans. It automates data entry wherever possible, and can enable electronic signatures and assist in the submission of data to the Small Business Administration (SBA).

About the partner 

We started developing Teslar with a single solution in mind, simplify the exception tracking methods for financial institutions. Once we began partnering with customers and talking about their daily processes, we discovered the need for streamlined workflows didn’t stop at exception tracking. From front line retail banking to back office loan operations, too many institutions are dealing with disjointed systems, inefficient processes and outdated technology. Here at Teslar Software, we’ve made it our mission to empower financial institutions to better serve their customers through superior software and smarter processes.


To create highly efficient banks through Teslar by empowering bankers, streamlining processes, integrating multiple systems, and making it scalable. These are the four pillars of everything we do at Teslar Software.


Empower financial institutions to better serve their customers through superior software and intelligent processes.

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