SynerTrade Accelerate, a cloud-based platform, covers the entire purchasing process.

Each procurement department faces specific sets of unique challenges. SynerTrade Accelerate, available in 23 languages, offers a wide range of tailor-made applications to match the customer’s exact requirements. The focus is on ergonomics and ease-of-use, which ensure rapid user adoption and satisfaction.

The application covers the entire procurement lifecycle, focusing on five main areas. Source to Contract provides support for Sourcing, Auctions and Contract Management; Procure to Pay handles internal Purchasing and Payment flows; Supplier Management streamlines the relationship management and evaluation with external business partners while Purchasing Intelligence aggregates all KPIs of the procurement workflow and displays them in easy to understand data analytics dashboards. Lastly, Innovation Management supports the Product Creation Process between a company and its suppliers, from concept to realization.

SynerTrade Accelerate - Contract Management solution has been recently revamped to embed support for Digital Signature. This feature, powered by DocuSign, includes powerful templates with highly customizable workflows.

Key Features

  • Accelerate Source to Contract Apps help you streamline the procurement process from the definition of your sourcing strategy to the management of your vendor contracts lifecycle, while maximising savings and compliance.
  • Accelerate Procure to Pay Apps empower you to put your spend under control. From the creation of products and services catalogues to the management of the incoming invoices from your vendors, SynerTrade P2P apps simplify and automate each step of the procurement process.
  • Accelerate Supplier Management Apps give you all the means to improve the way you manage potential and strategic suppliers. From the on-boarding process to the continuous improvement plans, Accelerate offers a suite of Apps that can help procurement organizations follow and drive every step of their relationship with suppliers.
  • Accelerate Purchasing Intelligence Apps enable all users to unleash the power of one of the leading Business Discovery / Business Intelligence tools of the market. The entire procurement data of your company can be analysed, providing you with valuable information for better decision making.
  • Accelerate Innovation Management Apps enable you to manage your relationship with external businesses from the identification of an innovation opportunity to its implementation within your company.


Got Questions?

Compatibility / Version Information

Support for digital signature is included in all Accelerate versions (starting from Core 3.11 onwards)


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About the partner 

With over 650 customers worldwide and more than 250 employees, SynerTrade is a leading global provider of digital procurement solutions. Its cloud-based platform, SynerTrade Accelerate, covers the entire purchasing process thanks to a set of flexible, easy to use applications. SynerTrade Accelerate is a complete eProcurement Suite, managing over €500 billion spend each year, powering the performance of Procurement and Finance departments in companies such as Alstom, Bank, Engie Groupama, Lafarge, Lindt, Lufthansa, Sanofi, Total, and many others. With 15 offices worldwide and round-the-clock customer assistance in 10 languages, SynerTrade brings real expertise and a local service to its customers to optimize their purchasing processes in e-Sourcing, e-Procurement, SRM (Supplier Relationship Management), Spend Analysis, Purchasing Intelligence and in Product Innovation Management.

SynerTrade is one of the software entities of Digital Dimension, Econocom Group.