SYKE Legal Engineering Limited

Platinum Partner

SYKE is an implementation partner, working with DocuSign on a number of enterprise accounts pre and post the SpringCM acquisition.


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SYKE helps corporate legal teams and law firms to buy and implement legal technology. This includes document automation, contract lifecycle management, legal AI, expert systems and legal bots.

SYKE operates globally – it comprises of a growing team of 65+ legal engineers with 19 languages spoken. The majority of SYKE’s  team members are based in the UK, Australia, Malaysia, India and Singapore. 
An important aspect of SYKE’s USP is that the vast majority of its team consists of qualified lawyers and solicitors with a wealth of experience in a wide variety of fields. 

SYKE has the objective to grow the largest DocuSign CLM implementation team in Europe, and has recently been engaged as the implementation partner in a number of DocuSign projects, including clients with the likes of Unilever, Financial Times, Expedia and the ongoing projects for EG.

Key Benefits

  • Qualified lawyers and solicitors
  • Large geographic coverage
  • High degree of competency in various languages
  • High degree of experience  and capability in various software packages
  • Flexible business model – Allows for rapid delivery of key projects


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