SmartIQ from Smart Communications

SmartIQ: digital transformation of the forms experience, from onboarding to service.

Key Benefits

  • Save customers significant time - 75% faster process than PDF and traditional forms processes using adaptive digital interviews    
  • Shorten development time – More than 80% reduction from business-user driven drag and drop interface
  • Support any device - Mobile, tablets, desktop
  • Eliminate costly development, testing and deployment - Seamless integration into systems of record 
  • Reduce cycle time -70% faster, eliminating NIGO and lowering support calls


Company & Partnership

The SmartIQ platform from Smart Communications (formerly Intelledox) empowers customer-focused businesses and government agencies to streamline data-driven interactions along the entire customer journey, from acquisition and onboarding to servicing and growth. SmartIQ complements your investment in DocuSign, enabling you to bring digital transformation to every interaction.

Imagine guiding customers through applications, contracts, or other complex, data-rich interactions in record time through digital and mobile conversations instead of static PDF or HTML forms. Then imagine these interviews automatically triggering the creation and delivery of personalized documents and document packages in real time, ready for DocuSign.

SmartIQ is globally available and be purchased from DocuSign sales teams.