SMark CRM integrates and implements DocuSign’s eSignature embedded into its CRM management capabilities to the markets of healthcare, facilities management (FM) and services.

SMark CRM is a complete platform for organizing commercial strategy, managing multiple sales teams and sustaining sales and after-sales relationship routines with customers.

The automation of proposals and contracts, combined with the electronic document signing process through Docusign, accelerates the closing of deals, reduces operating costs and frees teams to focus on new sales.

With SMark, managers are able to make strategic decisions based on indicators and statistics provided by the platform.

SMark enables the complete management of the entire customer journey, including capture, closing and after-sales.
One of the biggest challenges for sales managers and directors is to ensure that the commercial strategy is put into practice keeping the sales team aligned. To maintain this focus, it is necessary to monitor indicators and correct gaps that may hinder the achievement of goals.

SMark and Docusign together save sales team time assembling and standardizing documents like proposals and contracts, and put an end to the painful work of collecting signatures. With the native integration, documents are sent from inside SMark, status from signatures are collected and final signed documents and confirmations are also managed directly inside the CRM, simplifying and accelerating the signature process and management. 

Key Features

  • Sales funnel management for multiple teams;
  • Automation of proposals and contracts;
  • Electronic signature of contracts through Docusign;
  • Management of after-sales routines;
  • Detection and batch transfer of staggered leads.


Introduction to SMark CRM (Portuguese):
SMark e Docusign eSignature contracts automation (Portuguese):


SMark CRM in Healthcare (Portuguese):
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Customer Testimonials

“SMark is a tool that provides support management by mapping and channelling all business opportunities. It is extremely important for Unimed Poços de Caldas, because we were able to understand the opportunities, the gaps, our losses and, above all, to work on the sales team's indicators.” Luiz Carlos Cardoso - Sales Manager - UNIMED POÇOS DE CALDAS

“Using SMark CRM, it was possible to manage the entire customer portfolio, with complete information for the salespeople and assistants as well as for the managers. The tool is our central sales database today and is critical to us.” Silvia Saxler - Sales Manager- UNIMED VALE DO SINOS

“Vivante has been using SMark for many years. The tool is not just a CRM, but a system that we do all the management of the commercial area (sales funnel, proposals, conversion rate, customer source, reason for loss and visits control). We made some customizations to reach the level we are at, and it was super worth it. We have indicators for decision making, pipe controls and team management.” Renata Dutra - Sales Director - VIVANTE SERVIÇOS DE MANUTENÇÃO 



About the partner 

SMark is a sales technology company specialized in healthcare, facilities management (FM) and services.
We serve our customers in a personalized way, analysing the needs and configuring SMark CRM according to their business process particularities. This special care for customers turns our relationships into long-term partnerships. We have customers who have relied on our solutions for over 15 years.
SMark is headquartered in Tecnopuc, the science and technology park at PUCRS University, in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil.