Scale your support operations, grow customer relationships, and boost profitability with SkyKick Cloud Manager.


SkyKick Cloud Manager is an IT automation platform that empowers a higher quality, more efficient, and secure service delivery. Created specifically for multi-tenant managed service provider (MSP) environments, Cloud Manager is a highly scalable, SaaS-based solution that significantly reduces the complexity and potential security risk associated with cloud services administration. With industry-leading automation and comprehensive management and reporting capabilities, service providers utilizing Cloud Manager are realizing greater profitability and improved customer satisfaction, while mitigating security risks for their customers and their own organization.

A better way to build automation
Create, save, share, and publish PowerShell automation that spans beyond Windows, Azure, and Office 365, extending it to other popular SaaS applications like DocuSign, Dropbox, Slack, and more, as well as hybrid cloud on-premises architecture. Whether building upon your own proprietary automation scripts or the thousands of built-in commands from SkyKick, automation ensures simple-to-complex IT tasks can be safely and consistently executed.

Drive Help Desk performance
Using pre-built automation, IT Providers can ensure their Help Desk team can efficiently and safely resolve complex tickets right, the first time, with every step being automatically tracked for complete auditability. Common IT tasks like user onboarding or managing permissions can now be resolved with a single click. Eliminate logging in and out of tenant after tenant using a secure, central interface, with no passwords to store or manage.

Get a single view of your customers
Get an always current composite view of customer data and team activity across your customers’ IT footprints with auditing and reporting capabilities.

Reduce risk and grow proactive security 
Automatically enforce security and compliance polices across customers with full audit trail capabilities; proactively manage risk and differentiate with higher quality security offerings.

Docusign Integration
The integration with Docusign enables managed IT services teams using SkyKick Cloud Manager to improve administration of the application, enabling them to integrate Docusign user and groups management into larger employee on-/off-boarding and other useful automations.

Key Features

o PowerShell Automation – SkyKick has enhanced and secured the native capabilities of PowerShell in Cloud Manager by re-envisioning it for the cloud – extending it for broader usage across SaaS, customers and even hybrid cloud on-premises environments.
o SkyCommand - SkyCommand is an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides comprehensive facilities for the creation, test, sharing, and publishing of Cloud Manager automation commands.
 Library – The SkyCommand Library is a script repository which includes a comprehensive list of 1500+ built-in commands. Partners can save, share, and easily re-use their IP.
 Workbench - The SkyCommand Workbench is where commands can be created, edited, saved, and published. In the editor interface commands can be combined from a variety of sources, including commands built into PowerShell (e.g. ConvertFrom-Csv), a provider’s commands (e.g. Docusign), commands provided by SkyKick, or a partner’s own set of authored commands.
 Universal Console - The SkyCommand Console can be used for experimentation, testing, and running ad hoc commands. The Console is a PowerShell terminal like PowerShell on a desktop, except that Cloud Manager provides pre-authenticated sessions.
o Actions Panel - Help Desk Tier 1 technicians can safely execute published automation commands – customized for specific customers or to resolve common IT tasks
o Activity Log – continuous audit trail of all actions run across the team, including details down to specific account changes and errors


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Customer Testimonials

“SkyKick Cloud Manager will help our service team stay lean and agile – so we can continue to delight our customers and grow our business. The time saved is well worth the cost – but the ability to increase our security offerings and scale our cloud business is why we made a decision for Cloud Manager.”

Dan King, President, K2 Technologies

About the partner 

SkyKick is a global provider of cloud automation and management software for IT solution partners. Its products help build successful cloud businesses by making it easy and efficient for IT providers to migrate, backup and manage their customers in the cloud. Over 20,000 partners in more than 125 countries use SkyKick’s products to accelerate their cloud business, and the company has won numerous awards including being named a Microsoft Partner of the Year and one of North America’s fastest growing technology companies according to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™. SkyKick’s global headquarters is in Seattle, European headquarters is in Amsterdam, and it has offices in Sydney and Tokyo. For more information visit