Simple Cloud Solutions

We enable your business growth by deploying SIMPLE software to complete everyday tasks.

Simple Cloud Solutions deploys modern software as a service. Modern means cross platform, server-less and pleasant to use and administer. We ensure you enter data in one place, and it will automatically sync to any system that requires it, so businesses can focus on value-add activities, rather than struggling with data management.

For employees, this means operating on any device, from any location, and capturing data once. It means being truly paperless. It means presenting to your clients, partners and employees in a streamlined and professional manner that will save them time and encourage engagement with you.

Simple Cloud uses DocuSign as a stand-alone tool for paperless agreements, as well as an integral piece of larger Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Key Benefits

  • Managed Services
  • Security: Backups & Anti-virus
  • Network Management
  • Software Deployment/Upgrades
  • Helpdesk