Silo Connectors integrates DocuSign’s eSignature tools with Salesforce to increase adoption rates of both DocuSign and Salesforce.

Almost all organizations have unintended silos of information.  Eliminating the barriers between these various silos and enabling the flow of information and ideas is key to success.  Silo Connectors offers a variety of strategic and application based consulting services to achieve this synergy.  Connecting applications like DocuSign and Salesforce drives efficiency and enhances the ROI their clients get from their Cloud based application investments.  Silo Connectors partners with DocuSign to enable the flow of information associated with signing documents in a digital format.

Key Benefits 

  • Salesforce new implementations
  • Custom Development of Salesforce using Apex and Visual Force
  • Integration to Docusign, QuickBooks, Phone Systems
  • Business Process Mapping and Improvement
  • Certified Salesforce Consultants with Business Analysis Skills


Customer Testimonials

Community Energy Advisors, Medina, OH

Working with Silo Connectors was one of the best consulting experiences we have encountered.  Timely and responsive, their team, from senior management to the project manager to the programmers, they were focused on delivering on the commitments made in our contract.  They worked hard to understand the complexities of our business.  They asked a lot of questions.  Likewise, they patiently answered our questions.  Ultimately they helped us to learn how to maintain and update our SalesForce platform, from adding new users to creating custom reports.

- Kevin Lauterjung, CEO

Community Energy Advisors, Medina, OH

With Silo Connectors assistance DocuSign made our online enrollments much more efficient. Silo Connectors was a pleasure to work with and did a great job quickly learning the tool and coordinating with DocuSign’s support. In addition, they did a thorough job of training us and doing some creative integrations. We had so many custom objects, and Silo Connectors was able to have a DocuSign signature trigger account, contact, and contract creation all at once utilizing workflows.  This was a life saver when it came to our time spent keying in information.

- Sarah Margelowsky,  Manager of Operations