DocuSign and ShortTrack work together to help make the closing process painless. Real estate professionals can now place title orders directly from a Room by simply adding their Title or Escrow contact into the room! ShortTrack's portal encrypts both data and documents, so Title agents can securely deliver wire instructions and all non-public personal information back into the Rooms. Title agents also take advantage of the DocuSign and ShortTrack integration for their welcome packages as well as their seller and buyer forms.


How it Works:

  • Add a Title or Escrow company that is working with ShortTrack into the Room.
  • When ShortTrack recognizes the email address of the added participant as belonging to a Title or Escrow customer, ShortTrack places the order with the Title/Escrow customer electronically. The Title/Escrow customer can choose to push documents back into the Room via ShortTrack.
  • When they do so, ShortTrack will create a Title folder in the Room and add the document(s) to that folder.

For DocuSign Rooms for RealEstate: Activate ShortTrack 

About the partner 

Chicago, IL.-based ShortTrack is a real estate technology company dedicated to making it simple for all stakeholders to collaborate securely. ShortTrack secures the exchange of non-public personal information between title agencies and all transaction participants, keeping everyone both informed and compliant.