Seamlessly send ScrapWare documents to DocuSign for signature.


ScrapScribe™ enables ScrapWare customers to go paperless for critical business documents of their recycling business.  This includes Dispatch Tickets, Purchase Quotes, Purchase Contracts, Packing Lists, etc.

ScrapScribe™ enables ScrapWare Customers to better manage their workflow and reduce paper work.  Documents can be viewed on on a PC, Tablet or Phone.  Documents can be printed when they need to be printed, not because they have to be printed.

A Dispatcher creates a Dispatch Ticket from our ScrapWare application. The Dispatcher assigns a Driver to the Dispatch Ticket, saves it and prints it to the DocuSign Print Driver.  We have a proprietary application that overcomes issues with the DocuSign Print Driver.

The DocuSign Print Driver then creates a new Envelope and matches the Driver assigned to the Dispatch Ticket to a previously-created Template.  The Dispatcher enters a Vendor Name and selects an email address from the address book.  The email Subject and Message are automatically populated.  Then he sends the Dispatch Ticket.  When the Driver arrives onsite to swap containers, he opens the DocuSign app on his mobile device and selects the envelope that matches the  corresponding Dispatch Ticket/Vendor Name.  He will have the Vendor or other party electronically sign/date the Dispatch Ticket.  The Driver can also enter other optional data on the Dispatch Ticket. The signed Dispatch Ticket is then emailed back to the Vendor with copies sent to both the Dispatcher and Driver.  This replaces the paper stub that the Driver usually leaves with the vendor as proof of service.  We will be applying this to a variety of documents – Purchase Quotes and Contracts, etc.

Key Features

  • Send Dispatch Tickets to Vendors for Signature while driver is onsite performing service
  • Send Purchase Quotes from your Traders for signature by your Vendors
  • Send Purchase Contracts from your Traders for signature by your Vendors
  • Send Packing Lists from your Scale personnel to common carriers (truck, rail and overseas) and consumers


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About the partner 

ScrapWare has become the premier brand of software application for the recycling industry.  If you buy, process, transport, sell or broker recyclable materials—metals, plastics, paper, glass, electronic scrap—ScrapWare can help you improve efficiency and compliance.  We’re always working to improve ScrapWare, ensuring it keeps up with industry changes to effectively reduce your transaction processing costs while gaining greater insight into your business. Because every operation is different, ScrapWare is customizable depending on your specific application and reporting needs.