Mortgage Lending Platform
Digital lending platform elevating the relationship between customers and lenders.

Digital Mortgage Software Platform
Roostify is transforming the mortgage industry with an innovative and integrated platform that’s streamlining the entire digital lending experience. Decreasing closing times. Increasing margins. Helping everyone win.

Features Overview

User Experience
Exceeding Expectations

An intelligent and intuitive interface designed to provide customers a best-in-class experience, while maintaining the highest level of security and compliance. Certified WCAG Level 2.1 A, AA to provide an Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant loan experience.


Creating Community

A consolidated platform for stakeholders to interact and collaborate in real-time enables effortless engagement with applicants, real estate agents, and processors. A tight-knit community with a heightened sense of trust and confidence provides a faster, smoother loan closing.

Customizing Capabilities

Custom workflows across brands and business lines deliver a unique lending experience that’s authentic to your brand across any channel throughout the organization.

Connect Your Lines of Business

A framework which securely connects your customers and lines of business to our data stores and 3rd party integrations. Providing reusable components and configuration so we can quickly build a cohesive customer experience across yoru lines of business. Realize a single lending platform across lines of business with faster time to market and cost efficiencies.

About the partner 

Roostify is a collection of forward-thinking minds dedicated to enhancing the lending experience for everyone involved in the home buying process. Inspired by the possibilities of transformation; fueled by the promise of collaboration. It’s this spirit of partnership that sits at the heart of everything we do. For our customers, for your customers.

Our team is comprised of industry leaders who share deep understanding of your business, along with a passion for the long-term sustainability of your success. It’s this expertise that enables us to consistently provide you with the best-in-class, leading-edge solutions your organization demands and deserves. With over 11 billion dollars of loans originated monthly, Roostify now serves dozens of lending institutions nationwide; from the largest of enterprise banks to a number of thriving independent brokerages. Helping reinvent the lending experience so your customers can accelerate their future. One successful loan at a time.