RMS  integrates DocuSign’s eSignature and transaction management capabilities into our Mercury University Housing and Conference Management applications.

As a DocuSign integratin partner we can provide seemless Docusign capabilities and experiences for University staff, students and parents that participate in online Housing processes.

Key Benefits

  • Real time online housing applications and self service for students
  • Visiual self assign and Automated assignments
  • Fully configurable housing management processes
  • Conference Management Systems
  • Housing Management Systems

 Customer Testimonials

Mercury is very customizable. With the use of the many tools provided in Mercury, I was able to create a process to manage our student lock-outs online. The process tracks lock-outs, automatically sends students correspondence each step of the process and allows our accounting coordinator to bulk charge for the lock-outs. This is completely through Mercury and takes much less time than our paper process and is much more efficient with tracking.

Sandy Morgan, Systems Administrator
Mercer University

Not only has Mercury Tools allowed us to build housing agreement processes that match our business practices, but we were able to create an online scheduler for move-in volunteers.

Andrew Naylor, Associate Director, Housing
Florida International University

Mercury is not a software package just for Housing, but for the entire University. Through effective management of users combined with customized roles that can be designed and deployed by campus-based Mercury administrators, the resources of Mercury can be accessible to a wide range a staff across all units of the University and its third party partners (if approved by the University). Using Mercury Tools, you can provide targeted information, reports, processes, and operations to provide the power and flexibility of Mercury to the entire campus resulting in a true enterprise wide software solution.

David Kloiber, Assistant Director
University of South Florida



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