Streamline contract approvals and accelerate revenue with Revitas and DocuSign.Revitas Contract Manager is an end-to-end contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution that enables organizations to achieve maximum value from contracts and optimize processes.

Organizations accelerate, safeguard and maximize revenue potential utilizing Revitas Contract Manager to – automate workflows to eliminate approval delays, use pre-approved terms and clauses to drive higher-value from contracts, meet milestones and performance obligations, identify and proactively manage dependencies within complex contractual relationships, and improve financial accuracy with integrated validation of payment against contracted terms. Organizations optimize contract lifecycle processes by deploying an enterprise-class solution which tailors contract management processes to suit their unique business needs. Efficiencies are improved at every stage, from initiation through signature and beyond, and value extends with the ability to integrate into CRM and ERP applications.

Revitas Contract Manager is now fully integrated with DocuSign’s eSignature allowing companies to execute contract approvals and close deals even faster, accelerating the revenue flow, while equipping the agile, mobile workforce with digital transactional management capabilities.

Revitas Contract Manager scales to meet enterprise volume requirements and allows organizations to achieve true global contracting excellence. It also enables organizations to gain actionable intelligence and continuously improve contract process metrics and performance by leveraging exceptional analytics.

For over 25 years, Revitas has enabled companies in the most challenging, channel-intensive industries to achieve best-in-class performance and sustainable competitive advantage. The integration alliance with DocuSign eSignature further illustrates our commitment to excellence in delivering integrated solutions for contract lifecycle management, and in meeting the needs of enterprises moving towards transactional digitalization.

Key Benefits:

  • Secure business faster with single-click digital eSignature approvals and signatures.
  • Enable the agility of your mobile workforce with eSignature capabilities in real-time, on any mobile device.
  • Tailor contract execution to meet the needs of your business, create rules-based automated workflows for authorized layers of signers.
  • Integrate digital eSignature into post contract-execution processes, such as auto-renewal and validation capabilities.
  • Scale to meet enterprise volume, multi-divisional and geographical requirements with eSignature capabilities.

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