Web based project management, construction financials and document control for commercial contractors.

RedTeam Software is a cloud-based construction software solution. RedTeam drives dramatic increases in performance for all team stakeholders of any type of construction project. RedTeam helps reduce risk, drive consistency, break down communication barriers, and capture the entire story through all phases of the construction lifecycle. With hands-on experience as a general contractor for more than 20 years, RedTeam gets your business, because we are cut from the same cloth - contractors. RedTeam has successfully been used to deliver billions of dollars in construction projects.

RedTeam is a complete Project Management and Construction Accounting solution for commercial contractors. As a true cloud application, RedTeam is fully accessible from any Internet-connected device.

RedTeam enables you to manage all aspects of your construction company from Business Development, Preconstruction, Project Management, Equipment Management, Gantt Scheduling and Accounting.

Construction teams use RedTeam to communicate and collaborate online, by creating and sharing contract documents, posting updates, uploading photos, and monitoring performance.

With the integration of Docusign® RedTeam offers its users a seamless path to enter into formal agreement without leaving RedTeam.
You are able to execute a variety of document with this integration:

  • Vendor Commitments (subcontracts, POs)
  • Vendor Change Orders
  • Customer Proposals
  • Customer Change Proposals
  • Customer Change Orders (AIA-style)
  • Customer Billing




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Key Features 

  • Manage all your commercial construction projects from one place
  • Collaborate seamlessly with all project parties
  • Capture, retain and organize project documentation
  • Save time, save money and lower stress on the jobsite
  • Manage project financials in real time from invoice, billing and up to live WIP report


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About the partner 

We built RedTeam out a direct need we identified from personal experience being a commercial contractor. Construction is a tough business. Daunting complexity, unreasonable logistics, crazy hours and tight margins are only some of the challenges contractors face. We get it, and we love it too. But we also recognize, for each of us, there is more to life than our work. This is what motivates us to make RedTeam as good as it can be, because keeping your projects organized and on track helps make your life easier. That’s why we do what we do.