From the convenience of your Edge production software, seamlessly send documents for eSigning.


RBJ-Edge integration provides for a quick and easy eSign experience for their clients.  From the convenience of the Edge electronic folder, users select the document(s) for signing and choose Send to DocuSign.  A click in Edge selects recipient’s names and email addresses and the user is seamlessly logged into their account and documents uploaded.

RBJ understands the value of their client’s time and realizes a good portion of it is spent in their production software.  The integration option means they don’t need to leave it.  The completed signed package can be easily stored in the Edge electronic folder of each transaction.

RBJ’s E-Folder feature offers a digital file solution. Documents and required information are seamlessly sent from E-Folder to DocuSign, then from DocuSign to the signing parties, without RBJ users ever leaving their production software, RBJ-Edge.

Documents produced from RBJ-Edge software and documents received externally are both stored and categorized in the E-Folder of each transaction.  A single document, a group of documents, or documents combined to one pdf document can be selected to send to DocuSign.

The quick and easy integration option provides for selecting the signing parties from Edge, no re-typing necessary.  If more than one party is signing, indicate the signing order, enter a unique message to each signer if necessary, and save additional time by using message templates created in Edge. Sending via the integration option automatically logs the user into their DocuSign account and uploads the selected document(s).

The completed documents email can easily be stored in the E-Folder.  Even better, download the documents and secure signing metadata and store those as individual documents in the E-Folder for ease of processing and retention of the secure signing.

Key Features

  • Saves valuable time by reducing the redundancy of re-typing names and email addresses
  • Provides for accuracy by eliminating potential mis-typing of signer’s information
  • Ability to send documents generated from the Edge software and/or externally received
  • Option to add additional customized note per signer
  • Envelopes sent to DocuSign are documented in the software as evidence of items sent


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