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Let your tenants sign lease agreements online with e-signatures built directly into your property management software. 

Property managers and landlords can process lease agreements instantly by having tenants sign rental documents from their personal computer, smartphone or tablet.  Simply provide tenants with a secure access to an electronic copy of the lease agreement that lets them review and sign the document online with Rentec Direct, the leading provider of eSignatures for property managers.

Once signed, you have a legally binding contract that is immediately available for you to access and enforce.  Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of coordinating schedules to meet in person, or the emailing, printing, signing, scanning and returning process of traditional pen and paper lease signing.  

The DocuSign integration with Property Managers is an easy, secure, and fast way to get lease agreements and other important documents signed.  Using electronic signatures eliminates paper and the time consuming processing of printing, scanning, and mailing important documents to and from your tenants and owners. 

The DocuSign integration Property Managers provides document signing services to landlords and property managers who wish to accept electronic signatures for lease agreements and other important documents. This feature is as simple as create, send, and sign- that’s all it takes to have a legally accepted signature.

Online lease signing delivers a valuable new way for property managers and landlords to save time and money, and help secure lease agreements and legal documents faster than ever before.  Online leasing and electronic signatures also help make a positive impact on the environment by contributing towards paperless business practices.

Key Features

  • Save Time:  Using eSignatures for online leasing eliminates the cumbersome process of emailing, printing, signing, scanning, and returning.  (Or the even slower, user-error-prone process of snail-mailing your lease documents to tenants).
  • Reduce Human Error: Electronic copies of your signed lease agreements are stored digitally and securely for you or your tenants to access at any time.  You never have to worry about misplacing hard copies of lease agreements again.  If your lease agreements requires multiple initials or signatures at different items throughout the document, electronic signature software ensures that no pages or items are left unsigned. 
  • Save Money:  Not only will you save on paper and printing costs by eliminating paper leases, but the amount of time saved by automating your leasing process results in real money for property managers who are able to spend their time filling vacancies and collecting rental income. 
  • More Secure: Documents are tamper proof due to digital encryption and audit trails, providing you with legally enforceable agreements that are easily accessible for reference when needed.   
  • Build Great Tenant Relationships: Modern tenants expect to manage everything online, including their rental housing.  By offering convenient services like online lease signing, you will attract quality tenants who are impressed with your modern business.  You will also be able to empower your tenants to reference their lease agreement anytime by accessing it securely online.


Got Questions?

Want to learn more about DocuSign for property managers and landlords?  Contact Rentec Direct at [email protected]

About the partner 

Rentec Direct, the leading provider of property management software and tenant screening services.  Rentec Direct offers full-featured management software designed for property managers and landlords who seek online solutions for residential property management. 

Rentec Direct’s easy-to-use software provides cloud-based services to manage rental properties online with features that include online tenant rent payments, powerful accounting features, QuickBooks integration, online lease signing, tenant screening, mobile friendly rental applications and vacancy publishing. 

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