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1Staff from Professional Advantage is an end-to-end staffing solution underpinned by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. From business planning to budget tracking, marketing and lead generation through customer engagement, applicant tracking through compliance and onboarding, time capture, bill & pay through to full ERP financials, 1Staff delivers staffing organisations 360-degree control and visibility from  start to finish.

A full end-to-end staffing solution
1Staff is the leading staffing solution designed to fully leverage the Microsoft Dynamics platform. 
1Staff Front Office is powered by Dynamics 365, will help your sales people find and service clients, help your recruiters manage candidates and fill jobs quicker and help your compliance team drive efficiencies and de-risk the onboarding process.
1Staff Back Office is built on Microsoft Dynamics GP, will help your workforce capture their time, help finance smooth the pay/bill process and help the executive control and grow the business.
1Staff - Fast, Efficient, and Secure
For many staffing businesses, onboarding and compliance are a significant cost of doing business. Internal and external credentialing, orchestrating onboarding tasks, and collaborating with all the critical stakeholders are
typically addressed with (numerous) spreadsheets and emails. With all of these different places to store, create and collaborate, it is difficult to be sure you have the most accurate and updated information.
With the help of 1Staff Compliance & Electronic Onboarding, staffing organizations increase productivity while decreasing duplicate efforts.
Professional Advantage offers a single solution, 1Staff. Leveraging the Microsoft platform, 1Staff delivers a
single platform from prospecting to financials.

Key Features

1) Automated Reminders 
1Staff will automatically alert team members for expiring items. 
2) 1Staff eSigning & DocuSign
Write back into the system through 1Staff eSigning (ex. Changing dependants on a W4). 
3) Separate Repository 
Store more sensitive documents in a separate repository with different security settings.
4) Attachments 
1Staff provides the ability to attach documents to customer submittals (Universal Submittal).
5) Candidate Search 
Sort candidates based on completion % of onboarding requirements.


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Professional Advantage was established in 1989 in Sydney Australia and has grown rapidly over the years across the globe. We currently have 7 offices that range world-wide, and established a North American presence in 1996, including two branches here in the US (Denver & Fargo). 
Professional Advantage has been a Microsoft Presidents Club Member and Certified Partner for several years, providing offerings and products in both the Dynamic GP and 365/CRM space. With 6,000 customers globally, the focus has always been helping clients use the technology to make a difference and enable high performing workplaces.

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