PreciseFP: Data Gathering and Engagement Platform

Customizable Hassle-free data gathering.

PreciseFP is a data gathering and client engagement platform for the Financial Services and Insurance industries.  The platform eliminates manual data entry by the advisor and staff.  Wealth Management and Insurance firms use PreciseFP to create their own dynamic forms and turn them into an automated, personalized client data gathering tool. The  PreciseFP platform includes out-of-the-box solutions:  Fact Finding, Risk Tolerance + IPS w/ e-signature, Service Agreements, Template Library, and Custodial Forms.

The PreciseFP platform is used by Financial and Insurance Advisors to collect data from their prospects and clients in a simple, yet very efficient and user-friendly way.  The data collected is validated through a series of predefined patterns and is given a data quality score.  The data is then transferred onto fill-able PDF documents for a digital signature.  The DocuSign integration is used to apply digital signatures from all parties involved.  The entire PreciseFP + DocuSign process simplifies the client onboarding and document filling process.

Key Features

  • Personalized Fact-Finding / Form Creation for data gathering w/DocuSign signature
  • PDF filling, including custodial forms, w/DocuSign signature
  • Risk Tolerance + IPS w/DocuSign signature
  • Automated client onboarding and ongoing engagement



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About the partner 

We’re passionate about making you better at what you do. And it would be remiss if we didn’t mention our passion for efficiency. We built PreciseFP around proven, effective data gathering processes that allow you to save both time and money.  We continue to improve upon what we have learned, and we continue to learn about what we need to improve from our users. We are honored that PreciseFP is one of the first experiences that clients have with their new advisor.