PlanetVerify integrates DocuSign’s eSignature capabilities into an efficient and compliant document and data collection system.

PlanetVerify enables firms to automate the more mundane analogue data collection and case management tasks. Very simply our platform allows companies to collect and protect personal data enabling them to reduce the operational and financial risks associated with meeting compliance and reporting obligations through a single dashboard. In addition to the technical benefits, downstream the platform is proven to drive revenue with reductions in order cancellations, reduction in incidents of fraud, a shortening of the sales cycle, a reduction in the cost to serve all whilst delivering the customer a superior user experience via our customer facing app. 

Enterprises choose PlanetVerify as they offer a simple solution that can be quickly deployed at a low cost. An added advantage is the ability to include document signing into the document collection process.

For consumers, the intuitive easy to use app offers always on access, ownership and control over their own data, on their own device, encrypted and securely shared with businesses they want to do business with, in real-time.

Key Benefits

  • Manage and be seen to manage personal data professionally and securely in a centralised GDPR-compliant manner
  • No more scanning, chasing, phoning, emailing for correct data/docs
  • Removing multiple micro tasks is a huge time saver in a busy day
  • No more clicking on unknown attachments thereby reducing risk of virus/hacking
  • Direct link to employee/customer is more efficient and secure


Customer Testimonials