PDFpenPro: Your complete PDF editing toolkit for Mac. 

Take business productivity to the next level with a powerful, all-purpose PDF editing solution on your Mac. Use PDFpenPro to make scanned documents come alive with OCR. Ensure professional-level documents by correcting typos and redacting sensitive information. Add highlights, notes, and comments to call attention to important content. Complete business transactions conveniently, quickly, and securely by sending documents for signature directly from PDFpenPro with DocuSign. Move business forward by streamlining your PDF processes, and enhancing customer experience through professional forms combined with fast and secure digital signing with DocuSign, the world’s leading eSignature solution anytime, anywhere.

PDFpenPro is a top-rated affordable, powerful, comprehensive PDF editing toolkit for Mac. Save time, reduce overhead costs, and expedite transactions with a paperless workflow by scanning documents directly into PDFpenPro and apply high-quality Optical Character Recognition (OCR), including batch OCR, for full searching and editing. Easily organize documents by combining, re-ordering, extracting, and deleting pages. Add a PDF table of contents to help users navigate lengthy contracts or agreements. Ensure professional-level documents by correcting content and redacting sensitive information. Apply highlights for clarification and add comments and notes for collaboration. Optimize PDFs to reduce file size for sharing and archiving—control document permissions for added security. PDFpenPro absolves the frustrations of working with PDFs in a paperless office, freeing up valuable time to focus on clients and customers.

PDFpenPro’s powerful PDF editing, collaboration, and form-building tools, along with seamless DocuSign integration, enables convenient and secure business transactions faster. From PDFpenPro, sign-in to DocuSign’s e-signature service, add documents and request digital signatures with only a few simple steps, and without the hassle of switching applications. PDFpenPro, combined with DocuSign, provides an end-to-end paperless solution for any contractual needs.

Key Features

  • PDF Annotation and Collaboration: fill and save forms, draw, highlight, number pages (including bates numbering), add stamps, create and edit document Table of Contents, add comments and notes
  • PDF Editing and Organization: edit text, redact text, reorder, delete, extract pages and combine documents, optimize PDFs for smaller file sizes, control document permissions for security
  • Scanning and OCR: convert paper to industry-standard PDFs, batch OCR, apply high-quality OCR for searching and editing
  • Export to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF/A formats for additional editing and archiving
  • Interactive form creation and DocuSign support: make forms come alive automatically or manually, send for signatures conveniently, quickly, and securely with DocuSign.


Link to videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH5xFsZmAKo&list=PL18SsLG0H2xV3obzFnma9ZAarlsubSobR


PDFpenPro webpage: https://smilesoftware.com/pdfpenpro/

Got Questions?

Smile Support: https://smilesoftware.com/support

Customer Testimonials

"There have been days when PDFpen has made me want to weep with joy. Among the many other uses, it saves me constantly when I have to sign documents on the road or when I'm otherwise away from a fax machine. If you are a manager, in sales, or in any other professional role that involves moving critical documents around quickly, you really should not be living without this little application."

- Greg Snyder, VP Sales, BackBeat Media

“I just wanted to tell you that PDFPen is one app that I use each and EVERY day! For a myriad of tasks, from filling out reports for my Virtual Assistant clients, to editing my own PDFs and screenshots. It helps me in so many ways and is most assuredly my favorite Mac OS X application!"

- Taryn Merrick, Merrick Management and Media Services

“I love PDFpen and have used it for many years. The people that make this software care about their customers and the apps they release. I can’t recommend this enough.”

- Jim Dalrymple

“Once you start experimenting with this app, you will immediately see that it is the complete PDF editor that you were searching for.“

- Marcel Dufresne

“Smile’s PDFpen application is a functional, powerful PDF editor… with powerful features to meet even the most rigorous demands of PDF power users.”

- Mike Schmitz

“PDFpenPro is the crème de la crème of PDF editing and annotating applications.” 

Jeffery Battersby, Macworld

“PDFpen for Mac is the Superior Acrobat Alternative Solution”

Della Harris

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