Automated e-signature signing for loan documents.


MonJa provides online lending software to banks, credit unions & direct lenders.  DocuSign’s eSignature API integration with MonJa’s software allows bank managers to submit documents to borrowers for electronic signature.  This seamless workflow reduces cost and provides convenience and efficiency in the document siging process. Shorter loan-closing cycles benefit both bank managers and borrowers.

MonJa uses the eSignature API in MonJa’s online loan origination software.

MonJa provides online lending software portals to its clients who are banks/credit unions/direct lenders. Borrowers, who are customers of these lenders, log into the software to fill out and process their loan applications.  All data collected and documents produced are the property of MonJa’s clients and those clients’ banking customers.

MonJa’s clients log into MonJa’s software and prepare loan data for document production.  Bank managers authenticate using the ACG workflow.  The token generated is used by the server when preparing envelopes to send.  Loan documents are produced, utilizing the input data from the borrowers and banking managers. Bank managers submit the loan documents to the borrowers for DocuSign automatically through MonJa’s software by clicking a button.

Bank managers separately follow up / manage their customer relationships with their borrowers.

Key Features

  • Bank manager logs into portal to review borrower data for loan document production
  • Bank manager authenticates via ACG in portal UI
  • Bank manager clicks to send documents to borrower(s) for DocuSign eSignature
  • MonJa’s server prepares the documents from PDF templates using anchor text, X/Y coordinates
  • MonJa’s server prepares and sends the envelopes to the configured signers and cc-recipients



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About the partner 

Many lending systems provide software infrastructure, but leave you and your credit team with a lot of manual work.  We offer a combination of technology and human support to minimize your time spent on loan applications. Don’t settle for software. Achieve automation with MonJa.