Create, Negotiate and Manage Smarter Contracts Faster.

Parley Pro is a cloud-based, modern contract lifecycle management platform that helps companies create, negotiate and manage better (smarter) contracts faster. Contract Management is typically a painstaking process riddled with inefficiencies and frustration. Our robust solution was purpose-built to automate and simplify the end-to-end contracting process, resulting in faster cycle times, improved compliance and greater control and visibility. Parley Pro’s patented Online Negotiation Engine enables real-time multi-party negotiation across a single document, fostering better decision making, saving time and money. Parley Pro is fully integrated with Docusign, ensuring a seamless eSignature process during the contract approval cycle, resulting in faster contract cycle times and a better experience for all. Leading companies are adopting Parley Pro to drive higher quality contracts and better business outcomes.


Key Benefits:

  • Saves your team time and money
  • A better experience for partners
  • Higher quality contracts
  • More contract management insight

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