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Optimize cross-party contract negotiation and management with Parley Pro and DocuSign’s eSignature solution. Parley Pro is the secure web-based contract negotiation platform for cross-party negotiation. Parley Pro makes contract negotiation simpler, more transparent and collaborative. Our Consensus Building Workflow keeps the focus on resolution of key issues and concerns, promoting efficient negotiation of win-win contracts.


Key Benefits:

  • Simplified rule-based automated workflows for contract management and negotiation from authoring to eSignature.
  • Increased process efficiency: no deciphering multiple versions with multiple redlines or searching emails for comments
  • Process control: define and enforce adherence to your organizational processes. Track and approve all exceptions.
  • Real-time visibility: measure & analyze negotiation progress for a specific contract as well as across entire portfolio.
  • Streamlined eSignature powered by DocuSign: With a single click send documents to be signed directly from a contract.


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