Pactum helps companies massively automate repetitive negotiations with contract generation and signing functionality. increases the value of vendor contracts by negotiating win - win agreements on a massive scale.  The AI system uses best practice strategies and tactics to negotiate agreements in a chat like interface. It can hold an unlimited number of parallel sessions to renegotiate all vendor contracts in a matter of minutes, freeing up resources for more complex negotiations and contributing directly to the bottom line.

For many enterprises, negotiating contracts is a major pain point. Regardless of the size of the deal, negotiating must be done by human beings. It is expensive, slow and inconsistent, particularly for large numbers of contracts. And negotiation does not scale -- it has to be done one contract as a time. The solution? Pactum. Pactum is an AI-powered platform that negotiates win- win agreements on a massive scale, and implements your priorities, strategies and objectives using a chat-like interface. Pactum can renegotiate your repetitive contracts in a matter of minutes, freeing up human resources for more complex, high-stakes negotiations, vastly increasing efficiency, decreasing errors and omissions, and most importantly, contributing directly to the bottom line.   At the end of each negotiation a contract is generated and signed with DocuSign.

Key Features

  • Improved bottom line. We’ve seen the system increase the value of a contract by 10% after repeated failed negotiations by human beings.
  • Increased vendor satisfaction due to personal, yet automated, negotiation.
  • Rapid, automated negotiation of  contracts simultaneously if corporate strategy shifts or legal requires changes in vendor agreements.
  • Speed. Pactum can manage thousands of parallel negotiations simultaneously, completing them in minutes, not days.
  • Standardized negotiation quality. Best practices and all  available data are used with even the smallest vendors. AI-powered learning from previous negotiations results in continuous improvement.
  • Negotiations can be triggered by external data and conditions to maximize value.
  • Contract generation. Vendor agreements automatically generated and sent for digital signing. Data updated in ERP/CRM.
  • Decreased stress. Most people dislike the high-stress nature of person-to-person negotiations. Pactum alleviates this task. 


Customer Testimonials

“We need to create new contracts faster than we can negotiate them. Our very first automatic contract negotiation using Pactum resulted in a 10% value increase for us and more volume for them and was really easy for our partner to use. Pactum provides a scalable way to conduct pleasant and thoughtful negotiations that are mutually beneficial for both parties, while saving everyone time.”

About the partner 


In 20 years' time, we believe that most of an organization’s strategic work will be done by humans while most of the operations and execution will be left to machines. Pactum will be known as the leading platform for the execution of operations that are aligned to business goals.


Pactum helps companies use machines to achieve their goals. For that, Pactum runs commercial AI negotiations to help enable growth without creating additional waste.