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I have worked with OpenCubicles for almost two-years on a variety of projects. They’re very friendly and their work is all about good quality. They smoothly deliver projects ranging from medium to large, and detailed to complicated. Their follow-ups, customer care, and services are unparalleled. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for exciting technical support and partnership.



We have been working with OpenCubicles for several years, where we had outsourced all our online projects and maintenance work to them. They not only lived upto our expectations. They actually superseded our expectations. They picked up every emergency situation real fast and their delivery was very professional. Their solutions are creative and less complexed. I can safely say that we have a state-of-the-art product aiding us to stay on top of the Swiss market for private loans.

About the Partner

With over 40 years of collective industry experience, there is no path where the OpenCubicles Team dare not tread! We are open to any challenge that may be thrown at us from complex cloud storage requirements to blockchain development, from customized ERP solutions to AI/ML solutions, we can deliver your dream projects in the most reasonable timelines & cost. We are technology experts who build enterprise applications, SaaS mobile platforms, multilingual CMSs, complex eCommerce websites, and highly scalable cloud apps.