Office Arc Consulting

Silver Partner
Office-Arc Consulting connects businesses by utilizing diverse networks of people and companies and creates new value for society.
Office building
Coordinating excellent and low-cost products and services that are essential for building an optimal office, reducing the burden on the general affairs department

■ Free office optimization consulting
■ Office relocation PM
■ Office design
■ Security & employee card
■ IT/communication infrastructure proposal/construction
■ Interior work
■ Office furniture/home appliance procurement
■ LED lighting
■ Digital signage
■ Complete smoke-proof and deodorant smoking booth

Cost reduction
Proposing the latest cost reduction menu in various scenes

■Electricity cost
■Overseas logistics cost
■Company housing cost
■Complex machine cost
■Returning to the current state/disassembling cost Selling idle assets expensive
■Reinforcement of roof/roof/floor waterproofing

Business process reform
Propose the latest business reform tool

■ AI chatbot
■ Docusign

Utilization of foreigners
Introduction of foreign personnel and offshore software development destinations

・Business succession
・Corporate revitalization
・Management training
・Web construction

About the partner 

We provide solutions that deliver the latest unknown products and services directly to top management.