As a digitization expert, we integrate the DocuSign Signature Appliance seamlessly into DMS- and ECM-Solutions.

As a digitization expert OBJECT is providing the German speaking market with sophisticated IT
Solutions in the areas of ECM, Capturing, DMS, Collaboration, BPM (Workflows), Portals, Open Source Security and Archiving. Responding to individual needs for diverse environments, OBJECT implements customized systems on the basis of combined software technologies. By the use of modern open source technologies and agile development methodologies, OBJECT integrates, extends and maintains high-quality solutions with great sustainability. Together with various technology partners such as Alfresco, Ephesoft, DocuSign and Swisscom, OBJECT's expertise covers a broad range of industries for organizations of all sizes and types. OBJECT ensures its customers the best possible handling and management of their data, information and processes on strategic, technological and personal layers.

Key Benefits

  • We are specialized in the area of Enterprise Content Management
  • We offer Consulting, System Integration, Customizations, Maintenance and Support
  • We build high security Web Portals for individual needs on the basis of Liferay
  • We combine several best of breed Open Source technologies such as Alfresco, Liferay, Ephesoft and more
  • We integrate the DocuSign signature appliance with Alfresco Software and other software technologies


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