Numerated Growth Technologies

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Business Banking Made Easy

Purchasing financial products from banks is hard for business owners. Most banks offer business customers antiquated buying experiences that are not aligned with their expectations for convenience and speed: time-consuming branch visits, filling out long paper applications, going to the file cabinet for information, and often waiting weeks for credit decisions.

This friction in the buying process has made it increasingly challenging for banks to win business customers, and has opened the door for new and old players alike to improve the customer experience and lure businesses away. Numerated was founded to help financial institutions thrive and grow in this new banking landscape.

Banks and credit unions using Numerated create exceptional business banking purchase experiences. Our digital lending and sales platform offers convenient digital application, digital account opening, and digital lending experiences enabled by rich data integrations—and across the full suite of business banking products. In addition, Numerated provides credit pre-screening and core data analysis tools to help banks fuel more targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

Unlike other fintech companies that compete with banks, Numerated was developed for bankers, by bankers, inside a bank and its investors include banks, bank technology companies, and bank investors.