Microsoft Dynamics Business Central & Navision Integration

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central & Navision include many manual processes that can be fully automated using the DocuSign capabilities accessible through the API. New Technology Research has 20+ years experience implementing BC & NAV allowing them to integrate DocuSign for maximum value. Automate RMA processes, form data collection, terms of service and service acknowledgements, and of course, multi-party signatures. Pull all relevant details and completed documents into Business Central & Navision so it is available where needed.


Microsoft Dynamics Business Central & Navision is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution that produces many different types of documents as part of the standard workflow. From invoices, purchase orders, contracts, order acknowledgements, and many others. These processes often require signatures and therefore leads to many manual steps to complete the workflow. Using the DocuSign API we can completely automate these processes allowing enormous value to be unlocked by better data collection, workflow standardization, and a better experience for customers. New Technology Research specializes in Business Central & Navision so our expertise allows any company to thoughtfully integrate the DocuSign capabilities for maximizing value.

Details and a case study available here:

About the partner 

New Technology Research (NTR) is a Microsoft Certified partner with 20+ years of experience implementing Microsoft
Dynamics Business Central & Navision. Headquatered in North Carolina but with a global reach. Our clientele ranges
from small businesses to multi-company and multi-currency organizations unified on a single system. With cost effective
support and deep industry expertise in Manufacturing, Distribution, Real Estate, and more, NTR is the ideal Business
Central & Navision partner.