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NetDocuments eSign: powered by DocuSign makes the delivery of legal work simple, secure, and fast. With right-click and decision-tree functionality, lawyers and their staff can send documents for signature in just a few clicks without ever leaving NetDocuments. This powerful integration builds upon the core capabilities that the NetDocuments ORGANIZE solution offers, including document management, email management, and optical character recognition (OCR). With NetDocuments you can replace generic, inflexible, off-the-shelf document management products with a best-in-class, cloud-based solution that is built specifically for the legal profession.

With NetDocuments eSign: powered by DocuSign, users can remove the burdensome task of exporting a document for upload into another system and instead enjoy a streamlined and single platform experience.

Using NetDocuments eSign, legal professionals can select documents to send for signature, identify locations on the document for signature, and assign signers and stakeholders without ever leaving the repository—ultimately saving lawyers and their staff time and effort while maintaining document organization, security, and compliance. And, once a document is signed and executed, the file is automatically brought back into NetDocuments as a new, updated document, enabling legal teams to deliver a complete matter file at a moment’s notice. 

Key Features

  • Send a document for signature directly from the NetDocuments repository
  • Quickly assign and identify signers or stakeholders with a few simple clicks
  • Work completely out of NetDocuments without ever having to export a file for individual upload to DocuSign
  • Identify location on document for signature and then save the file in the appropriate location within NetDocuments

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NetDocuments is the leading cloud-based document and email management solution to securely store and organize documents on one platform. With our solutions, users can work securely on documents, file emails, and send completed work for signature anywhere in the world and on any device, all while collaborating with internal and external stakeholders—making it an ideal solution for remote work.

Backed by more than 20 years of experience in cloud innovation, over 3,050 companies worldwide trust us to secure their data while increasing productivity and team collaboration. Make the move to our cloud to get the speed, mobility, and industry-leading security companies around the world are already taking advantage of today.

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