MyMerged: a network effect environment for real estate transactions, services, & new marketplaces

Simplify & secure your entire Real Estate transaction lifecycle – Spend more time selling with MERGED RE!


Unlike other products that have entered the market over the years, MERGED RE is focused on mass market appeal through ease of use, pricing, and simple delivery of best practices. MERGED RE is wholly committed to the transaction process and not just a “feature” of a more complicated set of offerings. Additionally, the product features of the MERGED RE Platform were purposefully built to leverage the naturally occurring “network effect” seen, but never before properly leveraged, in the real estate industry. 

MERGED RE is a SaaS based, Network Effect Transaction Platform that initially allows agents, consumers and service providers to conduct real estate transactions in a single environment adding trust, transparency, and efficiency of process not present today. MERGED RE is also an environment for collaboration and system of record for activity that occurs during the property ownership lifecycle, enabling the ordering of services, interparty payments, documentation of property contents, repairs and relationships between the various parties to thrive long after the closing. By leveraging the MERGED Digital Identity feature and specific elements of blockchain technology, MERGED RE also offers previously unseen levels of identity and document security protecting against fraud, data vulnerabilities and frivolous litigation.

The MERGED RE platform for real estate was developed out of insights from actual real estate agents to simplify the process for all participants in a real estate transaction.  At MERGED Solutions, we understand the demands on an agent’s time and we’re here to increase productivity, build trust, and foster ongoing relationships that continue well after the transaction has closed.  MERGED RE breaks down traditional silos for the entire process to simple, speedy, and trusted.

Key Features

  • Process Collaboration - Real-time workflow management between the various parties to the transaction, removing unnecessary delays and questions.
  • Tasks and Templates - Keep common tasks and deal flows in easy to activate templates. Shareable too!
  • Deal Scorecard - Deal details at a glance. Make quick edits, share important information, and invite participants.

About the partner 

MERGED Solutions is an innovator in cloud-based, blockchain software solution platforms that amplify network effects.  The MERGED RE platform for real estate was developed out of insights from actual agents to simplify, accelerate, and secure the process for all transaction participants.

At MERGED Solutions, we strive to create ongoing network effect environments for transactions, services, & new markets.  MERGED platforms increase productivity, build trust, and foster ongoing relationships for ongoing transactions, trusted services, & expanded marketplaces.  Visit and for more details.