Seamlessly integrate DocuSign's contract management with your Salesforce through Micronetbd.

Micronetbd is a boutique technology consulting firm who specializes in working with small to midsize fintech, financial services, and non-profit organizations. These companies can now fully integrate DocuSign with Salesforce to automate business processes with the help of Micronetbd. Micronet’s team of consultants can execute any technical initiative quickly and cost-effectively. Get in touch with Micronetbd for a free consultation to see if you are getting the most ROI out of your enterprise software like Salesforce and DocuSign.

Key Benefits

  1. Integrate DocuSign contract management with Salesforce
  2. Create custom templates with complex code
  3. Automate contract lifecycle processes
  4. Set notifications for contract milestones
  5. Monthly support allowane 

Customer Testimonials

"We are using Litiy with Salesforce and recently got springcm configured in the sandbox.  Micronetbd has been our partner of choice involving all matters related to Salesforce echo system.  Micronetbd acted as our trusted advisors for the (DocuSign CLM) project and guided us from the architecture and planning perspective." - Josh Kwartler, COO, Kwarler Manus LLC


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