Marshfield Consulting designs and implements Contract Lifecycle Management solutions using DocuSign’s eSignature and SpringCM’s Doc Launcher and Advanced Workflows capabilities.

Marshfield Consulting specializes in Contracts Lifecycle Management and their team has 10 years of experience working with the combined solution of DocuSign and SpringCM to enable customers to optimize and streamline their contract processes.


Key Benefits 


1. 10 years of domain experience in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) including buy-side, sell-side, HR, partnership, and legal contracts

2. Participated in hundreds of SpringCM/DocuSign implementations, and as a result have a unique perspective as to how customers can best use DocuSign and SpringCM to optimize their contract management processes

3. Design services for defining and architecting DocuSign/SpringCM contract solutions

4. Implementation services for implementing DocuSign and/or SpringCM