DocuSign and Loft47 work together to provide Brokerages with a streamlined solution for managing real estate transactions. Pull transaction data captured in DocuSign Rooms into Loft to eliminate the need for duplicate data entry and view pending income for a Brokerage.


How it Works

1. Enable DocuSign integration in Loft: In Loft, enable the DocuSign Transaction Rooms integration by navigating to the Integrations Menu.

2. Connect DocuSign: In DocuSign, log in and confirm access permissions. You will be redirected to the DocuSign Rooms page in Loft. Click ‘reload’.

3. Create a deal from a DocuSign Room: Once you have loaded the DocuSign Rooms in Loft, you may view the rooms and create a deal from a room by selecting one of the available options. Click ‘Create Deal’ and import the deal detail.


Got Questions?

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About the Partner

Loft is an application that automates Real Estate commission management to streamline Real Estate back office operations. Instantly access your transactions from anywhere at anytime, automate accounting for you and your Agents and drastically reduce redundant data entry for your Brokerage.