Lien Waivers + ACH Payments

Create, send, collect and track lien waivers using your accounting or project management software. is your comprehensive solution for managing lien waiver and construction disbursements. uses DocuSign’s eSignature capability to streamline your lien waiver, accounting and construction disbursement processes. With’s newest product, xTier, all parties involved in a construction project now have an unprecedented visibility into payments flowing from owners through general contractors and primary subcontractors to lower-tier subcontractors, equipment vendors, and material suppliers—surfacing actionable data, signaling risk, and prompting intervention long before a lien is ever filed.

Key Features

  • Sync with your existing accounting or projectment management software
  • Create envelopes and prepare lien waivers for signing in bulk
  • Send lien waivers for signing or notarization
  • Track lien waivers in real-time
  • Automatic reminders for unsigned lien waivers






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Learn how manage lien waivers with Procore + DocuSign

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About the partner is dedicated to building best-in-class software for the construction industry. Founded by a construction accountant, a software engineer, and a product guru, we are well equipped to understand and deliver technology solutions that make life easier for builders and their trade partners. offers electronic lien waiver management, electronic disbursements, a partner-friendly API and more. Our cloud-based software is pay-as-you-go, cancel anytime.