Lexion is an intelligent repository for your contracts that uses cutting-edge AI to give you insights about your agreements.

Lexion’s DocuSign integration automatically pulls fully executed contracts from DocuSign into Lexion. It then uses cutting edge AI to extract parties, dates, renewals, termination rights, indemnification language and dozens of other obligations so that you can easily report on what’s in your contracts. Lexion’s powerful search, secure storage, and easy interface makes Lexion a trusted central repository for all contracts in your company, whether they are customer, vendor, partner, lease, employment, or any other agreements.

Key Features

  • Find what you need fast - Have you wasted time emailing colleagues and digging through files searching for a specific contract? Lexion allows users to find and gain insights about their contracts in seconds through a single system powered by Lexion’s state-of-the-art AI. 
  • Reminders for key dates - Missed a renewal cancellation notice deadline and got stuck paying for a vendor service you don’t use for another year? Lexion’s AI automatically tracks key dates of your contracts and provides you email reminders of upcoming events like auto-renewal cancellation notice deadlines or expiration dates. 
  • Powerful reports - To present at an executive meeting, have you spent hours manually reviewing contracts to report on non-standard terms? With Lexion, you can build powerful, fully automated, and custom reports about what’s in your contracts in seconds.
  • Award winning AI-powered data extraction and input - Lexion automatically reads contracts and extracts key terms helping you cut expenses by reducing time spent on manual tasks. After Lexion analyzes a contract, it takes only a few seconds to confirm the accuracy and push information to your key systems (e.g., Salesforce). Our smart contract repository identifies over a dozen key terms, whether on your template or third-party paper. 
  • Onboarding your existing contracts is included - Most contract management systems are expensive and time-consuming to implement and require a separate budget for a contractor to organize your existing contracts into the system. In contrast, included as a part of onboarding and for no additional fee, Lexion uses its cutting edge AI to provide you a complete repository with all of your legacy contracts loaded and organized from day one. Lexion saves customers about $12,500 in labor costs for every 1,000 existing contracts loaded and organized in our system. 



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About the partner 

Lexion is an intelligent repository for your contracts that uses cutting-edge AI to give you insights about your agreements. We provide the insights you need on the information buried in your contracts, and save you time and money by streamlining your operations. Lexion is trusted by companies such as Smartsheet (SMAR), Apptio, Qumulo, and Rad Power Bikes. Lexion was founded at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Seattle, WA, and is backed by the notable law group Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosatti, and Madrona Venture Partners.’

Website: https://lexion.ai
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lexion-ai/