Kainos integrates DocuSign’s capabilities into digital transformation projects across commercial, public and healthcare sectors.


Kainos and Workday


Kainos is a global digital service provider, spearheading large-scale transformation across commercial, public and healthcare sectors. Docusign allows Kainos’ enterprise customers to increase the pace of their business processes; achieve high performance, increased compliance, and maximise ROI.

Kainos for Workday brings the Power of One to over 350 customers across 110 countries worldwide, advancing organisations’ capacity to evolve and expand their HR and Finance functions. Streamlining business processes and stringent change management is key to success, with DocuSign consistently proving an invaluable component in the transformation projects that Kainos conducts everyday.  

Kainos Digital Services leverages over 30 years of technological and software capability under one roof to provide bespoke solutions for large public sector, health, and government organisations. With a sharp focus on delivering outstanding service across Data, Cloud, AI, Consulting and Design capabilities–DocuSign provide Kainos with an invaluable tool for communicating quickly, accurately, and transparently.

Key Benefits

1. Combined Workday & Docusign Experience

    Our team of dedicated Workday certified consultants have been helping organisations deploy Workday since 2011. Our combined partnership can support you to accelerate your HR, finance and planning agreements.

2. Custom Integration Capabilities

    We pride ourselves on implementing innovative solutions for our clients. We pair our expertise with your business knowledge to deliver lasting results that suit your business needs.

3. Maximise your DocuSign ROI

    With deep HCM and Finance expertise, our teams can help you extend Docusign capabilities into unique corners of organizational operations that perhaps haven’t typically embraced technology.

4. Enhanced Utilisation of DocuSign

    Our dedicated team of engineers use their experience and unparalleled knowledge to connect the dots between form and function, and can identify key areas where DocuSign can solve problems.

5. Strategic Industry Partnerships

   We partner with AWS, Microsoft, Workday and more to deliver end-to-end digital transformation projects, coupling unrivalled Docusign with extensive industry expertise.