Send documents for signing to candidates and contacts via DocuSign from Job Application records

DocuSign is an E-Signature platform. With DocuSign in JobAdder, you can bulk send E-Signature requests and sending/signing/declining a contract can trigger status changes in JobAdder.

In JobAdder you can create and edit DocuSign templates. You can also configure DocuSign templates you've created in their portal in JobAdder for added convenience!

In addition to bulk sending and sending/signing or declining a contract from JobAdder, DocuSign also offers E-Witnessing of documents and access local data-centres for government compliance where relevant. Please contact your DocuSign account manager to discuss these options.

Key Features:

  • Can send to bulk recipients
  • Can edit template behaviour (recipients, document types, signer order etc.)
  • Users with an existing library of templates in DocuSign, can can configure them within JobAdder
  • Sent, Signed and Declined requests can update application statuses in JobAdder
  • E-witness functionality is available to get documents witnessed

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