Intelledox On-Demand Customer Communications Management

Speed up and simplify document creation to meet the demands of a digital/mobile world.


Digitally savvy customers, partners and citizens now expect organizations to communicate instantly via SMS, email, web, digital PDFs and sometimes even print – often across multiple channels at once. And they want a personalized response tailored to their needs – so they can take care of business and move on. 

Whether they need a quick confirmation or a document package created for digital signature, Intelledox On-Demand Customer Communication Management enables enterprises to use data collected via interviews, along with information in their core systems, to deliver documents or messages in real time to be e-signed with DocuSign – anywhere along the customer’s journey.

The faster businesses can deliver a custom quote, policy or contract upon request, the more likely they are to win new customers, drive customer/partner loyalty and grow their business.

The Intelledox platform enables speedy, accurate and compliant production of documents, emails and all forms of digital communications needed for e-signature. Infiniti can produce multichannel, multi-format outputs tailored to individual business requirements and delivery methods.

Unlike other CCM platforms, Intelledox can automate document or message generation in real time using the customer data existing in core systems rather than waiting for batch production. Intelledox provides pre-built connectors to popular systems for CRM, ERP, and industry-specific systems like Guidewire and Jack Henry Symitar. 

Intelledox is designed for business users, empowering them to quickly and easily create communication templates. Drag-and-drop features make design a breeze. Import existing Microsoft Word and PDF files to create new templates rapidly. Support for mobile and digital channels is built in. Full multilingual support is also available.

With the integration of DocuSign, electronic signatures can be incorporated into any agreement, reducing friction and making the experience appear seamless to customers or employees. By delivering documents faster, over digital channels, organizations gain efficiency, grow market share and customer loyalty.

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Key Features

  • Leverage information captured in a guided interview along with known information in core systems to generate communications in real time
  • Automate and simplify approvals and other processes with embedded workflows
  • Minimize the dependence on IT to launch new processes or create new templates by using Microsoft Word instead of proprietary authoring tools 
  • Integrate with major ECM platforms such as Microsoft Sharepoint to either pull in images or content, or to automatically archive new documents 
  • Reduce reliance on paper and manual processes to assemble even the most complex document packages


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About the partner 

Intelledox is the perfect partner to help enterprises “Prepare” documents and customer communications as part of the DocuSign System of Agreement platform. More than 200 of the world's leading companies and government organizations trust Intelledox to transform outdated, static forms and processes into intelligent, customer-centric experiences. Through this easy-to-use and solution-ready platform, organizations can implement adaptive digital journeys, from acquisition to onboarding to service. With North American headquarters located in Dallas, Intelledox has offices in New York, Singapore, Sydney, and global headquarters in Canberra, Australia. 

Customer Testimonial 

"With Intelledox, Palomar Specialty Insurance can produce new policies in less than an hour instead of days." 

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