InfiniGlobe is a global software technology company, integrating DocuSign with Enterprise Applications.

InfiniGlobe provides software technologies and consulting services for the Legal Industry. Their team of unparalleled technical and subject matter experts have dedicated their careers to empathizing with and empowering Corporate Legal Departments and Law Firms to leverage technology, improving efficiency and productivity.

InfiniGlobe has developed the Cousnelf application to help simplify and centralize this process. Counself provides a centralized platform for Corporate Legal Departments to standardize vendor and outside counsel qualifications, reducing vendor management costs and ensuring visibility of key vendor information to support improved risk management and procurement decisions. Counself is fully integratedwith DocuSign to simplify and centralize Agreement and Contract processes using eSignatures.

InfiniGlobe believes in the philosophy of simplicity, enabling clients to do what inspires them by overcoming the complexities of technology. At InfiniGlobe we don’t believe in the finite – in what just works; we believe in the infinite – in purpose, collaboration, and achievement.