The Comprehensive Document Management System Designed with You in Mind.

iChannel is a comprehensive document management system that includes CRM, Workflow, Portal modules that can be integrated with your other critical software solutions. A customizable dashboard, powerful search features, document retention and rollover tool make iChannel the favorite for many professional services firms. 

iChannel is a customizable document management system that allows all file types to be stored and organized the way your business needs them to be. It integrates a customer database, gives you workflow options and portal for file sharing with clients. We empower the user to stay in the iChannel environment while not losing any functionality related to their  DocuSign subscription.

For example, you can select a document/contact in iChannel’s company file area to request an e-signature and that document will be routed through DocuSign to the recipient for approval. Once the document is approved, it will be re-rerouted back through DocuSign and back to where it belongs in iChannel. At that point, you have the ability to view the entire lifecycle of that document via iChannel history.

To distill in the most simple sense: The integration of these two products automates what could become a tedious process that eats up staff time.

Key Features

  • Customizable Document management solutions
  • Allows you to store and access documents in their native file format
  • Facilitates improved efficiency and collaboration
  • Gives remote team full access to everything they need to get their job done in one place.
  • Powerful search, versioning and file history prevents costly mistakes, lost and duplicate documents.   


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