Hyperlex integrates DocuSign’s e-signature to streamline contract approvals and signature.

Hyperlex develops a cloud based contract management software powered by Artificial Intelligence. This solution allows the companies to dematerialize their contracting process and automate many audit tasks. 

Hyperlex uses new technologies such as machine learning for contract analysis which allows the legal experts to increase their efficiency, to track their legal commitments and use the contracts data in their business intelligence tools.

Contract review and analysis are allowed thanks to the AI which is able to identify all the important information in your contracts: clauses, key dates, amounts... Hyperlex's AI works by retaining all your search habits to anticipate your needs. 

The software also makes it possible to set up automatic reminders on key contract terms, for never missing a deadline again.

Moreover our solution allows significant time savings for contract managers and legals experts when they want to validate and write contracts.

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive: Search by keywords, semantic proximities and clauses.
  • Secure: Double authentication factor, AES encryption, servers hosted in France.
  • Reliable: 80% reduction in the number of errors (follow-up of important milestones, input help).
  • Fast: Automatic tags suggestion (document type, key information, clauses).



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