Grant Thornton

Silver Partner
Grant Thornton’s extraction service integrates with DocuSign Insight enabling companies with the ability to parse table data and enrich contracts.

Grant Thornton is a global audit, tax, and advisory firm that provides a broad range of services and excellent service. Grant Thornton’s serves clients of varying sizes and across a broad list of industries allowing Grant Thornton to provide a unique perspective while collaborating with clients.

Grant Thornton utilizes DocuSign’s Insight tool for their internal contract management, but they also have developed additional functionality that uses Insight to automate business functions for clients. Grant Thornton and DocuSign’s relationship is extremely collaborative as Grant Thornton works to help client’s see the potential of DocuSign’s platform.

Key Benefits

  • Cost containment – Solution parses table data for items such as volume discounts and rebates
  • Procurement – Solution quickly looks through supplier rate tables for securing optimal inventory / cost of goods
  • Transformation – Solution extracts and enriches contracts enhancing the way that business users review contracts
  • Integration – Solution integrates with databases and processes downstream to provide extracted table data
  • Automation – Solution may be used to automate manual processes on an ongoing basis which includes rebate calculations that leverage contracted terms

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