Google Drive by API Nation

Your data is secure and compliance is done, with this automatic, full, and ongoing backup.


A sync that automates your backup that sends all your DocuSign Rooms Transactions data and documents to be neatly stored in folders on Google Drive. All your office’s work is easily searchable and at hand. No more trying to remember to backup regularly or worrying about lost documents. It’s all here. 

Using the Docusign Rooms API, Google Drive and Google Sheets are connected and all Rooms data is synced and backed up to a created folder in Google Drive called “DocuSign Rooms via API Nation.” Each “Room” gets a folder that contains all the documents and also the Room data stored on a Google Sheets. The Rooms data are also gathered and stored on Google Sheets organized by status (Active, Closed, Review). The Sync creates an ongoing backup so that any work that is done or updated is reflected in the Google Drive folders and Google Sheets.

Key Features

  • Compliance is handled automatically with this sync that creates and ongoing backup
  • All your agents’ Rooms data are neatly stored in easily searchable folders in your Google Drive
  • Good-bye to missing documents, duplicate entries, and manual data management



DocuSign Rooms and Google Drive

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About the partner 

API Nation believes that routine tasks should be automated and interaction between systems should be done by the computers. And that setting up that automation should be so quick and so painless you’ll want to automate everything. Just like us. We’re connecting the world’s applications, and we love doing this stuff!