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General Networks integrates DocuSign’s eSignature capabilities into industry leading ECM and workflow platforms from OpenText, MS SharePoint, Alfresco, K2 and Kofax.

General Networks Corporation delivers technology consulting services for customers who need to manage and process critical business content. We support content management, workflow and ITSM applications on OpenText, M-Files, Microsoft and ServiceNow platforms. Our engagements require a combination of many disciplines and skill sets.  If our clients need capabilities not available from off-the-shelf software, we will build them or help them build them.

During the past 29 years, General Networks has managed the design and implementation of document handling technologies that serve over a million users at 100 organizations, including major entertainment and utility companies, multimodal ports, and state regulatory agencies. We offer extensive business expertise designing and deploying electronic document and records systems for hundreds of users to hundreds of thousands of users.

Our primary application platforms include OpenText content management solutions, Microsoft SharePoint, Kofax Capture, DocuSign e-Signature services, ServiceNow and workflow systems from OpenText, Nintex and K2.  We help our customers integrate DocuSign into their content management, workflow, and ITSM solutions, automating business processes and ensuring proper archival of signed documents.

Our largest system supports more than 60,000 users. Our smallest supports 25. More than 60% of our revenue is generated by customers for whom we have worked continuously for ten years or more. Our Professional Services Group has acquired extensive business knowledge of content management and workflow in commercial and public sector environments based on long-term engagements.

General Networks now offers a ServiceNow->DocuSign integration called eSignifi.  eSignifi is a ServiceNow app that allows you to seamlessly integration DocuSign into new or existing ServiceNow workflows.  eSignifi is available in the ServiceNow Store.

Key Benefits:

  • General Networks brings together business strategy, specialized application expertise, and creative technology professionals to solve business problems.
  • General Networks helps clients create effective solutions for automating any document intensive business process, from simple electronic libraries to complex document assembly and workflow.
  • General Networks’ proven methods and tools reduce the time and risk of implementing content management and collaboration solutions for clients.
  • General Networks has a track record of building long lasting relationships with customers.
  • General Networks helps clients become more efficient, more compliant, and more cost effective.

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