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About the Partner

The Geek Team is a Cloud Technology Services provider and a Google Cloud Partner specializing in Productivity, Collaboration and Work Transformation.

Key Benefits

The Geek Team is a cloud technology services provider specializing in technology consulting, IT Services and managed services. We specialize in workforce transformation with a focus on Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Google Workspace for Education and Chrome Enterprise.

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Streamline Roofing Services closes deals faster with Google Workspace & DocuSign

United Nations (UNOPS) seamlessly transitions to remote work with GSuite & DocuSign

Customer Testimonials

"I had the great pleasure of working with Jane at the Geek Team.  She upgraded our computer systems at the office and enabled us to work from a cloud-based platform.  She migrated our emails from Office 365 to Google Workspace, set up emails with our business domain name for our employees and created Team drives which has made it easier for us to manage and share documents.  When the move to the cloud was completed, she also provided training on the G Suite applications.  Recently, she implemented the DocuSign electronic eSignature application, linked it to G Suite for ease of access, and helped us secure the contracts that we send out, all while making things easier for me to manage and close deals.  At times, when we need help, she logs in remotely and is able to manage our cloud services, operating systems and software centrally through the use of a computer management suite.   I highly recommend her to my colleagues and other small business owners."

Damien Teed, Owner, Streamline Roofing Services