FPS Summit / CustomDocuSign Integration

Automatically apply Electronic Signatures, Initials, Text Boxes, Check Boxes to specific custom FPS Summit documents.


FPS has customized a number of standard documents that have special invisible coding programmed in the documents such as signature and initial lines, text and check boxes locations.  When a document is sent to DocuSign the user will then run the document thorough a customized template built by FPS.  This template will read and apply all corresponding invisible codes and apply the appropriate signature and/or initial stamp, and checkboxes and/or text boxes.

The user has the ability to apply the template to a single or multiple documents.  Once the document has been completed, DocuSign does the rest. 

FPS SUMMIT provides, our customers with a master Document repository which they can customzie as per their company/businesses requirements.  The customers process a large, daily volume of individual and groups of documnents which contain the basic need for signature/initial fields, check boxes and text boxes for several document in each transaction.  The documents must be completed and returned to our customers for recordkeepping. 

We have designed custome Master DocuSign Templates exclusively for our users.  The DocuSign Masters work dynamically with the various types of text/check box, signature and intial field requirments per coded document.  This function eliminates the need for the customers to manually insert the DocuSign fields in each one of their documents.  The Master Templates read the coded documents and automatically insert the appropriate custom DocuSign fields to the documents. 

The DocuSign user no longer has to create a pdf copy of a document and then create a DocuSign template for each document scenario.  This function dramatically reduces the manual labor involved for users in their DocuSign environment by at least 75% allowing them to focus more time on important tasks.  This function also reduces risk for Customers by having the end user return clear and ledgible text in the legally binding documents for recordkeeping.  Without these, FPS SUMMIT Custom Set of DocuSign Master templates  and Customized documents, the manual process requires too much time and the Customers are not using DocuSign envelopes as much as they could.

Key Features

  • FPS Customized documents work with the Custom Master FPS DocuSign Templates
  • Reduces Risk – Clear and legible fully executed documents returned for Your recordkeeping
  • Save time; Create Packages or individual documents in SUMMIT, upload to DocuSign, Apply the Master Template, Send Via Email

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