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Since 1998 Formsite has helped customers build professional online forms and surveys. Use the drag-and-drop/no-code form builder, over 100 pre-built templates to create registration forms, reservations forms, order forms with payments, customer surveys and many more. Results collected from your form can be automatically sent to 3000+ services as well as to custom documents. Formsite’s Workflow feature is a powerful tool that supports a wide range of scenarios, from basic approval processes to more complex workflows involving several steps, multiple people, and advanced routing logic. Additional popular features are Notifications, Results Views/Filters, Reports, Scheduled Exports, Rules, Calculations etc.

Formsite’s DocuSign integration allows customers to use their DocuSign account to request eSignatures via email when a Formsite form is submitted. Configure the integration to generate Results Documents (Table PDF, custom PDF or custom DOCX) and send to DocuSign to request eSignatures. Alternatively, use DocuSign templates to request eSignatures on standard documents. Add Anchor Text tags in custom Results Documents to collect eSignatures at specific positions. The integration supports requesting eSignatures on multiple documents from multiple signers. Signing order may be specified for collecting eSignatures in a specific order. Completed documents will be sent to the customer’s DocuSign account.

Key Features

  • ​​​​​​Request eSignatures on automatically generated Results Documents
  • Request eSignatures using DocuSign template documents/configurations
  • Implement your workflow for collecting eSignatures in a specific order
  • Easy and quick setup, supports sandbox mode for testing
  • Use Results Filters to conditionally request eSignatures


Main website: www.formsite.com
Documentation: https://support.formsite.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500004890042-DocuSign
Blog: https://www.formsite.com/blog/



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Formsite.com offers services that allow our users to build and publish professional online forms and surveys. We are a feature-rich service offering drag and drop form builder, over 40 question types, custom form styling and 100 plus templates to get you started with quickly with a form that meets your needs. You may create registration forms, customer surveys, order forms to collect payments, integrate your form with 3000+ apps. Collected results can be analyzed with built in reports/charts and/or exported for further usage. In addition to extensive features, a lot of customers choose us for a very prompt and accurate support. Are you ready to build your Formsite form?